TSUMV56/MSD3553-T5C1 is an analog LCD/LED TV Control Board that is suitable for the Asia Pacific and the Middle East Market. It can support 24-inch to 42-Inches LED panels which have a resolution is up to 1920X1080. Its USB interface supports Multimedia Playback and Software Upgrade as well. TSUMV56/MSD3553.T5C1 is compatible with Non-HD and FHD LCD/LED panel screens. TSUMV56/MSD3553.T5C1 is widescreen supported and also has a multi-language option. TSUMV56/MSD3553.T5C1 has its special feature of AV.This board Firmware files are linked below & ready to download.

Board Model TSUMV56/MSD3553-T5C1
TV Model TOSHIBA 40S2800EE
Supported Resolution 1920×1080 FHD
Main Chip Rt 41K
Operating System Android
RAM 1 Gigabyte
ROM 8 Gigabytes
CPU Quad-Core
Ethernet LAN YES
Input Voltages (AC) 220V
Firmware USB Update YES


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