TP.VST59.P63 is a universal led TV driver board that is suitable for 32-inch panels and others. TP_VST59_P63 is three in one board that is backlight inverter, main power supply, and logic board are built-in in a single piece of PCB that is why it is called a combo board. Its USB interface can play Multimedia and also we can load the program through it..This board Firmware files are linked below & ready to download.

Board Model TP.VST59.P63
Main Chipset TSUMV59XU-Z1
Product LED TV
Backlight 45 to 65v 350mA 35w
Panel Voltage 5v, 12v
Board Power Input 220v AC
Resolution Up to 1920X1080 FHD
Screen Supported 26 to 46 inch
Service Code Menu+1147
Steps to Update Software for TP.RD8503.PB802 By USB
1. Take a USB Hard DISK and Format at Fat32

2. Copy the Firmware In USB Disk

3. Plug USB Disk into USB Port of LED TV Motherboard

4. Switch On the Power and Wait till IR Indicator led stops Flashing

5. Update process is comlpeted, Unplug USB Disk.



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