P65-53V6.0 is designed for an LCD/LED FHD TV Board that supports a screen size of 32 to 50 with an FHD resolution of 1920X1080.P65-53V6.0 is three in one motherboard that has the main power module and Inverter module in a single piece of a motherboard that is also called a combo board. P65-53V6.0 is best with its interfaces like Dual AV, Dual HDMI input, Dual USB interface, PC Input with audio, and Headphone jack. It has 40 pins LVDS Connector screen cable and has 4Mb program storage memory. This board Firmware files are linked below & ready to download.

Main Board Model Number P65-53V6.0
Brand China Universal FHD 3-In-One Board
Product LED TV
LED Backlight Current 600mA
Main Chipset TSUMV53RUUL-Z1
Flash IC 4Mb
Screen supported 32-50 inch
Resolution Up to 1920X1080
Panel Voltage 12V
Power Input 220V AC
Firmware Name PF_M53_V60B_SOS.bin, PF_M53_V60B_600mA.bin
Firmware Type USB Upgrade
Menu 1147

NON HD panel. P65-53V6.0 can support ATV, it also can support HDMI,VGA,AV,YPBPR,USB and. Earphone,Digital audio output


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