TP.RD8503.PB819 is Three-In-One LCD/LED TV Motherboard that is designed for especially 32-inch screens. TP_RD8503_PB819 is a combo board which is three modules built-in in a single piece of PCB like power card, Backlight driver controller and ATV Module. TP-RD8503-PB819 is a universal Board that is compatible with many panel screens. TP RD8503 PB819 is a Universal Combination Main Boards that can be used for a variety of different television models, including JVC, TELEFUNKEN, ULTRONIC, AIM, TEK, HISENSE, and many others. This Board Firmware files are Linked below & ready to download.

Board Type Universal
ResolutionUpto 1920X1080 
Input Voltage220V AC
Backlight Current350 MA/480 MA
Maximum Backlight25W
Panel Supported32 to 39
The voltage of the screen5V/12V
USB UpgradeSupport
Service Menu Code:Menu+1147
 Steps to Update Software for TP.RD8503.PB819 USB File
1. Take an Empty USB Disk
2. Format it at Fat32
3. Extract software from .rar to .bin
4. Copy this software into USB
5. Connect USB to the motherboard USB Port
6. Plug-in Switch into 220v
7. Press the Power button on Remote
8. Wait for Some seconds
9. Red Indicator light will start blinking
10. After some time Red Indicator will stop blinking
11. Now the process is Completed, Remove USB and start your TV.
Note: Please install a correct resolution in your motherboard according to your panel.
TP.RD8503.PB819-All Resolutions

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