CV56BH-Q28 is a simple ATV Driver Motherboard designed for LCD/LED TVs.This Board is suitable for the Asia Pacific and the Middle East markets. This is Combo Board have integration of the main power module, LED Backlight Inverter Circuit, and ATV Card in a single piece of a motherboard. This has all the features as per the latest requirements like HDMI input, USB interface, PC input, Component Input, TV and Headphone jack.CV56BH-Q28 is available in the market with different model names & software files are Linked below & ready to download.

Board Model: CV56BH-Q28
Board TypeUniversal Board
Display resolution1366X768 HD
Board TypeUniversal
Screen SupportFrom 26 to 46 INCH
LED Back Light35 W to 45 W
Flash IC4 Mb
Panel Voltage12 V
Power Input220V AC

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