TP.V56.PC815 is Designed for HD & Full HD LED TV Universal Board that supports Screen Size of 26″ TO 42″ .It is a three in One Mother Board that has Main power Module & Invertor Module in Single peice of Mother Board (COMBO BOARD).It has Best Interfcaes Like DUAL AV,Dual HDMi Input,Dual USB Interface,PC Input with Audio & Head Phone Jack. It has 40 Pins LVDS Connector screen cable & 4MB Programme Memory Storage. .It has a Multiple 2-HDMI Ports to Connect Setup Box,Blu Ray Players, Gaming Console. TP.V56.PC815 Firmware software files are Linked below & ready to download.

Board Model: TP.V56.PC815
Board TypeUniversal Board
Type Of TelevisionFull HD & HD type LED TV 
Screen SupportFrom 26 Inch to 42 Inch
Supported Resolutions-11920×1080 FHD
Supported Resolutions-21366×768 HD
LED Back Light Current480 mA
Flash IC4 MB
HDMI Ports2
USB Ports
Panel Voltage12 V
Power Input 220V AC
 Steps to Update Software for TP.V56.PC815

It is an easy task to TP.V56.PC815 Software Update. Just follow some steps to update software without any problem.

First CTV upgrade.bin download of your required resolution and extract them in a single folder to get a BIN file
After that, Take a USB and format it at fat32, Copy Upgrade.bin file into USB and insert it into TP.V56.PC815 Mother Board.
Now, PLuin the main power switch and press the button and hold for some seconds, Led light will start blinking
When Led light stops blinking, power of Led Tv and remove USB and then again power on you Leed TV, now it is ready to use.
TP.V56.PC815 – 1920×1080 FHD
TP.V56.PC815 – 1366×768 HD

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