Board Model: TP.V56.PB826
Board TypeUniversal Board
Resolution Upto1920×1080 FHD
Board TypeUniversal
Screen SupportFrom 28 to 32 INCH
Type Of TelevisionLED TV Full HD
Panel Voltage12 V
Backlight AdjustYes
Backlight 45-65V 35W
Speaker Out put2x5W
Mirror ModeYes
Input Supply220V AC
TP.V56.PB826_1366x768_ATA 32DM_Backup Dump
TP.V56.PB826_1366x768_Sony Logo_Backup Dump
TP.V56.PB826_1366x768_Starsat 32led7 Hyper_Backup Dump
TP.V56.PB826_1920x1080_Samsung_Backup Dump

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