Board Model: TP.MS608.P83-USB FIRMWARE
TV TypeAndriod FHD Led TV
Display resolutionSupports Upto 1920×1080
Screen SizeFrom 26 INCH upto 47 INCH
Panel Volt5 V /12 V
Audio Output Power2x8W (8 OHMS)
OS Andriod4.4
CPUDual Core
Back light V/C90 W-100V,520mA,45 W
Ram512 MB DDR
Rom 4 GB eMMC
Power AC Input100-240 V/75 W
How to update  USB Firmware
1. Download all parts 
2.After Extract Copy any file with name Upgrade File to USB Disck
3.Plug In the USB Disk into USB Interface port of Main TV card
4.Press Volume + Button & power ON the TV
5. Wait for LED Light Blinking 
6.Once the LED Light Starts Blinking then TV will enter into Upgrade  Mode & upgrade screen will appear
7. Within 2 Minutes the process will be completed & Tv will Turn into StandBy Mode.
Ë_32E12K2_TP_MS608_P83-1366X768-LC320TUA11 – DOWNLOAD HERE
Main Board-TP.MS608.P83 1366×768 GENERAL – DOWNLOAD HERE
TP.MS608.P83 1366×768 SONY 32W670 – DOWNLOAD HERE
TP.MS608.P83-1920X1080- DOWNLOAD HERE
TP.MS608.P83_1920_1080__mlc_XYR_08_20131106- DOWNLOAD HERE
TP.MS608.P83-1366X768-LC320TUA11- DOWNLOAD HERE
TP-MS608-P83-1920-1080-PWM-P83-c- DOWNLOAD HERE

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