ST239P-F1H is an analog LCD/LED TV driver motherboard which is designed for Asian markets. ST239P-F1H is designed with different properties and features to support the different size of panel screens. ST239P-F1H is also available in combo card to mean three-in-one board and also in a single module without inverter with DC power supply input. ST239P-F1H has multiple input ports like HDMI, VGA input, USB, AV, etc. Some boards have dual AV input interface. ST239P-F1H has the main chipset of V29 and V59.This board Firmware files are linked below & ready to download.

Main Board Model NumberST239P-F1H
TV Display Type LED
HD Technology HD
Resolution 1366X768
Motion Rate
TV Type StandardYes
Display Type 2D
USB 2.0 ports x 1
HDMI Connectivity/Port x 3
Aspect Ratio 
Panel Type LED
2D To 3D Conversion No


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